Hardwall and softwall cleanrooms provide a sterile space for procedures to be performed in a strictly controlled environment. Maybe you’re considering adding one of these rooms to an existing facility in the Columbus area but aren’t quite sure which type of cleanroom is best. The team at Vernick & Associates can help you choose a cleanroom for your specific needs. Take a look at these four frequently asked questions regarding our well-built and efficient softwall cleanrooms.

4 FAQs Regarding Softwall Cleanrooms


1. What Is the Advantage of a Softwall Cleanroom vs. a Hardwall Cleanroom?

Each type of environmental room has its unique advantages. Softwall cleanrooms are portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble. With this type of space, an extra room can be easily and efficiently added, in very little time. They are also cost-efficient as they don’t require any permanent construction to take place.

2. How Do Softwall Cleanrooms Provide a Sterile Environment?

Softwall cleanrooms, also known as process isolators, are ideal for dust control, sound control, and other controlled environment operations. Flexible vinyl curtains, hung from the ceiling, are used to form the room. Softwall cleanrooms are also a practical application for enclosing portable frame systems. They are perfect for improving laminar flow areas above workspaces.

3. Can Softwall Cleanrooms Meet My Controlled-Environment Needs?

Yes, definitely! Softwall cleanrooms are available in the full range of ISO air-cleanliness classification. Often they are installed within hardwall cleanrooms, in order to make a portion of the procedure cleaner within the existing hardwall space. 

4. What Type of Components Can Be Added to a Softwall Cleanroom?

Any type of component can be added to a softwall cleanroom in order to provide a sterile and sanitary environment. Vernick can provide a number of components and equipment, including:

  • Laminar flow workstations
  • HEPA air filters
  • Pass-thru cabinets
  • Air showers
  • Airborne particle counters

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