Are you considering a softwall cleanroom for your Dayton facility or business? If so, Vernick & Associates is your go-to source for a custom-built cleanroom and controlled environmental space that will more than meet the needs of your industry. Keep reading to learn four ways your company will benefit from our softwall cleanroom construction process.

4 Benefits of a Softwall Cleanroom For Your Industry

1. Custom Design

When it comes to custom cleanroom design, our team is second to none. We have a proven process that has served our customers time and time again. We learn the specific goals and needs of your industry and gather all the necessary information to design the space. Throughout the entire process, we communicate with you to make sure you receive the unique cleanroom you require.

2. Portable Rooms

If you’re looking for a softwall space that can be moved throughout your facility, our team of designers can create a room that is completely portable. With our cleanroom construction expertise, we can use floor-supported installations rather than attaching the softwall cleanroom directly to the structure of your facility. 

3. Varied Industries

At Vernick, we understand that various industries have different needs when it comes to controlled environments. Pharmaceutical companies need strictly regulated cleanrooms when conducting important testing or research. Military installations need softwall cleanrooms that provide isolation from outside elements in order to conduct specialized procedures. Whatever the requirements of your industry, our team has the specialized knowledge needed to create a cleanroom installation that will best serve your interests.

4. Easily Changed

The world of cleanroom and strictly regulated environmental rooms is constantly changing. Today, your business may require a softwall cleanroom, but a few years down the road you may find your company needs a hardwall cleanroom. This is absolutely no problem for us, as we are highly skilled in creating customized spaces that can be changed easily, as needed.

Our Priority = Your Business

Request a consultation today by calling (844) 476-1464. Whether you need a softwall cleanroom, hardwall cleanroom, or modular office, we are more than happy to assist you and your company.