Do you need to adapt your current workspace, school building, or business to the ever-changing requirements for preventing the spread of airborne contaminants? At Vernick, we have several cost-effective, easy-to-clean safety partitions that can be added to your current space. Besides preventing the reach of airborne pollutants and dangerous toxins, our safety barriers provide four other benefits that your Columbus business or organization will find extremely valuable. 

4 Benefits of Our Safety Barriers & Partitions

1. Improve Safety in Close Spaces

When the space you are working in or learning in cannot be made larger, our easy-to-install partitions can safely separate individuals in adjacent or adjoining spaces. Our team can add individual or customized workstations in office suites. We can also install tabletop partitions for schools or universities that use tables in their classrooms or cafeterias.

2. Clean and Disinfect Easily

Our safety barriers and partitions are easy to clean and disinfect, especially when they need to be cleaned often and fast. Retail checkouts with countertop safety shields can quickly be disinfected between serving customers. Hanging safety shields used at service counters can provide protection for both your customers and employees.

3. Create Instant Space Separation

Often, there are times you need to make an instant separation within a much larger space. Salons may need to create individual hair/nail stations. When hospitals or medical clinics are overwhelmed, the only option may be to divide a larger treatment room in half. Our mobile folding walls and containment curtains can all be used to create these types of isolated areas. 

4. Provide Secure Customer Spaces

When people are waiting patiently to be checked in to their hotel room, or standing by for their scheduled doctor’s appointment, having a safe, secure place for them is of the utmost importance. At Vernick, we can design custom partitions specifically for your business, clinic, or practice. These secure barriers provide the social distancing solutions that your office or organization needs.

Safety Is Our #1 Goal

The safety of your employees and customers is our number one goal here at Vernick. Contact us today to learn more about our safety partitions and barriers by calling (844) 476-1464. We are also well-versed in designing and installing environmental rooms, softwall cleanrooms, hardwall cleanrooms, modular offices, and UV sterilization and sanitation systems.