Our biggest asset in the workplace is our labor force. While technology is an increasingly large asset in our business and personal lives, it’s only effective under proper implementation. We can optimize our greatest asset, people, by giving them the tools and environment for success. The engineers at Vernick & Associates provide industrial design solutions to increase productivity and efficiencies of the Midwestern workforce.

Environmental RoomAn environmental room is a room built to individualized specifications to contain equipment, processes, or operations. This is a great option in a warehouse facility that needs to be compartmentalized. In a manufacturing industry, an environmental room can house labor to heighten efficiency.

How Does an Environmental Room Increase Productivity and Efficiency?

Noise Control

Open concept offices are extremely popular, but they add distractions in the form of noise. Whether it’s a machine beeping in the background or your officemate’s chatter, it’s distracting. Separate daily manufacturing from the business work with an environmental room.

Optimal Lighting

The quality of lighting dramatically improves mood, attention, and productivity. While certain lighting is required in some manufacturing instances, it may not always be conducive to the business setting. An environmental room gives you the flexibility to tailor lighting for attention to detail.

Climate ControlWorkplace Efficiencies

Some workplaces require dramatically different temperatures and airflow for compliance. This is a dramatic distraction in an office setting and can severely hinder productivity. Create the perfect temperature control with an environmental room, and remove this variable from the productivity equation.

People are still at the helm of decision making and process improvement, bringing innovation and advancement into the modern world. Consider the environmental factors including noise, lighting, and climate control that may be hindering the efficiency and effectiveness of your office staff. Take the first steps, and begin the conversation by contacting the efficiency experts at Vernick & Associates at (216) 373-2330.

Photo credit: public domain via www.pexels.com