Is your pharmaceutical company considering the addition of a strictly controlled cleanroom? Does your manufacturing business need the added advantage of a highly regulated, yet flexible, workspace? The professionals at Vernick & Associates have been creating hardwall cleanrooms for commercial establishments in the Columbus area since 1985. With our tried-and-true process, we can help you design a hardwall system that will offer you the three advantages listed below.

3 Strong Advantages of a Hardwall Cleanroom

1. Strictly Regulate Environmental Factors

With a hardwall cleanroom, you have the ability to strictly regulate all environmental factors. Our prefabricated cleanrooms can accommodate even the most rigid ISO standards, or they can simply keep your space free of all airborne contaminants. Each hardwall cleanroom is available with either a single-pass or a recirculating air system, and can be modified to strictly regulate such factors as air pressure, temperature, and humidity.

2. Easily Moved for Maximum Flexibility

Our manufactured hardwall rooms allow for maximum flexibility when it comes to re-arranging your workspace. As your needs change, the hardwall cleanroom can be easily moved or modified to support your expanding business. Created using prefabricated and demountable wall systems, Vernick strives to build each and every cleanroom according to our client’s specifications. Once the wall system is in place, we are happy to return and move the cleanroom in order to accommodate your needs.

3. Add Components for Rigorous Control

When meeting with our customers, our team takes the necessary time to determine the goals and objectives of your unique project. Once we understand your particular requirements, we can then recommend cleanroom components for optimal levels of control. Our goal is to design a hardwall cleanroom system that best suits your company’s needs and parameters.

Strict Control with Complete Flexibility

For your next cleanroom addition, contact the experts at Vernick & Associates. With our custom construction process, we can design and construct a hardwall cleanroom, softwall cleanroom, modular office, or environmental room. Simply request a quote online or call us today at (844) 476-1464.