Adding space to a large manufacturing warehouse or factory can seem like an impossible task. But, with the modular office solutions from Vernick & Associates, we can design and build a customized space for your building in much less time than a traditional build would take. Maybe you need an office for the warehouse manager, a new break room for your employees, or a dedicated meeting room. While there are a number of reasons you may need additional space, consider the three viable applications below.

3 Modular Room Applications for the Manufacturing Industry


1. Computer Room Enclosure

Modular rooms are an optimal structure for a centralized computer storage area. This type of electronic equipment needs to be kept separate from any manufacturing processes on the factory floor. A modular room solution will keep sensitive computer equipment safe from dust, debris, humidity, gas, fluids, and any other material that can cause irreparable damage. 

2. Supervisor’s Office

A modular room system can provide a completely isolated and dust-free office space for your plant foreman or warehouse supervisor. The team at Vernick has engineered several types of office spaces for the commercial manufacturing industry. Many companies take advantage of the high space and have a two-story office built. This allows the supervisor to keep an eye on the factory floor while also completing their specific job duties.

3. Shipping & Receiving Office

Having a dedicated shipping and receiving space can make a huge difference in getting shipments delivered to clients on time. A modular office solution can keep out any distracting noise from the warehouse floor as well as the sounds of semi-trucks picking up products for shipping. We can customize the room for your specific needs, adding windows or doors where needed in order to view both the manufacturing area and the loading dock.

Specialized Modular Solutions

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