Highly controlled environments are essential to the manufacturing process in a variety of industries. Although particular industries may require more stringent standards, there are three basic specifications that every single cleanroom must follow. The team at Vernick & Associates has been designing and building these highly controlled environments in Cleveland and the surrounding areas since 1985. While we have the expertise and know-how to create a variety of strictly monitored, immaculate workspaces, we also understand the top three basic requirements that each cleanroom should contain.

3 Basic Requirements of a Highly Controlled Cleanroom

1. Pristine Internal Surfaces

Every single surface of the specified cleanroom must be smooth and impassable to microorganisms. Any counters, tables, chairs, benches, or work areas need to be easy to clean, but also strong enough to handle any type of procedure. The materials used to create these particular surfaces cannot flake, chip, or create dust when used.

2. Immaculate Air Flow

It is imperative that unwanted air particles are constantly being circulated out of the room, so as to not interfere with any operations or processes that are taking place. Filters are required to clean out contaminants such as moisture, vapors, and particulates. The clean, filtered air can then be recirculated back into the controlled environment, or fresh new air can be pumped in.

3. Strict Employee Access

People bring in all sorts of contaminants, usually unknowingly. Managing those who enter and exit needs to be of the highest priority. Only specially trained personnel, who know and understand the value of a hardwall or softwall cleanroom, should be allowed in these controlled environments. There should be a maximum number of people who are given access to these rooms as well, so as to strictly control the number of people allowed in a sensitive environment.

At Vernick & Associates, we can help you choose the best type of cleanroom for your specific industry. Call our team today at (216) 373-2330 and we’ll be happy to schedule a consultation. For your convenience, we also provide environmental rooms, modular offices, and cleanroom components.

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