When maintaining a controlled environment is critical to the success of your business, depend on Vernick to design and build a cleanroom that meets tough industry standards. With decades of experience, Vernick has constructed turnkey cleanrooms and controlled environments for a wide variety of uses. Let our experts guide you through the process from concept to completion.

As a one-stop source for successful turnkey cleanroom design and implementation, Vernick makes the construction process as convenient for customers as possible. We use only the finest softwall and hardwall materials available, ensuring the rooms we build will perform as expected and can be quickly modified as needs shift or standards change. Since 1985, we have provided cleanrooms and controlled environment rooms to clients with non-negotiable needs for an immaculate workspace.

Custom Controlled Environment & Cleanroom Design Process

Long before our dedicated crew of contractors begins construction, we start building relationships with the end-user. We want clients to be completely satisfied both with the finished controlled environment or cleanroom and our service.

Cleanroom or Clean Room?

Cleanrooms are environmentally controlled spaces that must adhere to strict regulatory specifications. A clean room, sometimes also called an environmental room or a white room, is a controlled space with more relaxed standards. When clients need a controlled space that is not as buttoned up as cleanrooms tend to be, we recommend an environmental room instead. While they also can be equipped to regulate the number and size of particulates in the air, environmental rooms are primarily used to manage variables such as temperature, humidity, and pressurization.

Whatever the needs of your project, study, or manufacturing process, our team will craft a fitting custom controlled environment design.

Our 8-Step Design, Implementation & Support Process

The secret to Vernick’s continuing success is our 8-Step Process for controlled environment and cleanroom design and construction. We follow the same protocol for each custom cleanroom solution, allowing us to pinpoint needs and provide a roadmap for both our clients and experts to follow:

  1. We introduce ourselves and learn about your business.
  2. We discover the scope of the project.
  3. We talk through possible design
  4. We present the design and costs.
  5. We make revisions based on your feedback and then begin the build.
  6. We deliver the project once it is ready.
  7. You launch your operations.
  8. We offer ongoing services to assist with personnel training, cleaning and maintenance, and third-party certification.

Throughout each of the eight steps, we keep your timeline and budget at top of mind. Vernick’s number one priority is to satisfy our clients while exceeding expectations.

design and build process

Turnkey Cleanroom Solutions

After gaining a clear understanding of your objectives, Vernick designs turnkey cleanroom installation solutions. Our turnkey options are an excellent choice for those looking for a stress-free, ready-to-go controlled environment or cleanroom construction. After connecting with our team to find the best-fit turnkey cleanroom solution for your requirements, we design, build, and implement everything before the start of your project. All you need to do to begin is “turn the key.” We’ll take care of everything else.

Custom Controlled Environment & Cleanroom Solutions for Any Industry

Over the years, Vernick has worked with industries needing to meet air-cleanliness standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We have the capacity and experience to create a cleanroom or controlled environment to whichever ISO certification your application requires. As technology evolves, we’ve even seen new industrial entrants to the use of controlled environments and cleanrooms, such as vapor cigarette makers.

We are proud to have worked with an array of industries, including:medical cleanroom

This list is not exhaustive, and we are always excited to design and construct cleanrooms for new applications and industries. Additionally, Vernick has also had the pleasure of creating controlled environments and cleanroom solutions for some of the most renowned, industry-leading businesses, including a few you might recognize, and many more:

Custom Controlled Environments & Cleanrooms

When creating controlled environments and cleanrooms, we recognize that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for any industry or application. We offer a wide range of custom cleanroom designs, constructions, and services. No matter what specification needs to be met, Vernick is ready to help you create the best custom turnkey controlled environment or cleanroom for your application.

Hardwall Cleanrooms and Softwall Cleanrooms

Softwall cleanroom

Cleanrooms and controlled environments can come either as a hardwall or softwall construction. Each comes with distinct advantages and features:

  • Hardwall Cleanrooms: An excellent choice for when you want the privacy and function of a regular room, our hardwall cleanroom constructions are built with prefabricated, rigid walls and air-handling systems.
  • Softwall Cleanrooms: Softwall cleanrooms are constructed of vinyl curtain “walls” and are best suited for separating a single process from the rest of an operation.

Dry Rooms

A dry room is a low humidity room where the temperature and moisture level are controlled through filtered air and other variables. Dry rooms can be customized to fit any ISO specification and are often used by manufacturers of hygroscopic or moisture-sensitive products.

Metrology Labs

A metrology lab is a controlled environment room used to make and record precise measurements. Steady, safe, and clean conditions must always be maintained. The metrology lab’s requirements will vary depending on the exact measurement process happening within the metrology laboratory.

Quality Control Labs

A quality control laboratory (also called QC labs) is a controlled environment that must maintain stable temperatures, control humidity, and contain filtered air. QC labs are vital for the testing of products to ensure all production standards are met or exceeded.

CMM Rooms

hardwall cleanroom

A type of metrology lab or QC lab, CMM rooms or CMM labs are climate-controlled rooms designed and constructed specifically to hold Coordinate Measuring Machines. As CMMs are a significant investment for a business to make, we can help you protect and maintain this delicate machinery.

Modular Offices & Mezzanines

Business priorities can change quickly and without warning. When that happens, you can find yourself making the best of a facility that no longer meets your needs. Our modular offices and mezzanines provide a fast, affordable option to accommodate any space constraint for the evolving requirements of your workspace.

Get to Know Vernick

At Vernick, our emphasis is on serving you, the customer, by looking out for your best interests. We believe that the best relationships come from a place of mutual understanding. Just as we look forward to getting to know you and your specific controlled environment room or cleanroom needs, we want you to get to know us! Find us on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter at @vernickassoc. We post regular updates on what is happening at Vernick, the latest in cleanroom news, and other topics related to controlled environment rooms and cleanrooms.

In addition to our expert design and construction services, we also offer advice, points of view, and industry-specific insights on our blog. Whether you want to learn about common cleanroom contamination sources, get help on deciding between modular or permanent cleanrooms, or explore modular environments for specific industries such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, or academia, our blog has answers and articles for you to discover and peruse. Check back often—new posts and insights are always on the way!

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